Yesterday, Ryan began Cycle 2 (of 3) of his chemotherapy treatments. Cycle 1 included a lot of firsts for us, not knowing what to expect or how Ryan would react to the drugs. The first week was definitely the worst with 4 hours of treatment Monday-Friday and by Friday, he was done. Physically, he was weak and sick. Emotionally, he didn’t want to go back.

But he made it. We made it.

The next two weeks were manageable as he only had treatments every Monday and only for an hour per visit as opposed to the four hours he was “used to”. By the end of the cycle, his hair was falling out in chunks, but he was feeling fairly well. We even had a date night on Saturday, complete with a visit to the hairdresser (aren’t we romantic?).


And this is after. Good thing he has a nice shaped head, right? Now he complains his head is cold all the time.

Bald Ryan.jpg

I also began “Sober October” this month. For the month of October, I won’t consume any alcohol, unless I have a Hall Pass, to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. It’s a great cause, and a great reason to stay away from my Chardonnay. Except on Hall Pass days, which friends can purchase for special occasions like Thanksgiving or date nights. Click here to add your donation or learn more: Teresa’s Sober October Page

Overall, we are still doing well, thanks to all the support we have. Meals, baked goods, prayers, weekly cleaning service, and even a money transfer have poured in, helping alleviate the stress before it overtakes us. Thank you, all. We couldn’t do this without you.