Soooo… this poor blog. Honestly, why do I start a blog? (Because I love to write.) Why do I not keep it up? (Because life is busy and honestly, I forget about it most of the time.)  Why is it important I keep it up? (Family and friends like to see the updates, plus sometimes I really do have something important to say and hope someone out there is touched by it.)

Yes, I know the questions, AND I know the answers. So for today, I’ll start with an update.

Noah Michael Smith joined our family on September 16, 2014. Totally different than my girls so far. He is happy, easy-going, has “issues” (e.g. loves his mommy so please don’t take him away from his dear mommy, and then there’s his eczema which apparently is a milk allergy. Which I am terribly thrilled about as being his primary food source at the moment…) We are truly, truly blessed with this child. This morning I spent some extra time just watching him sleep and just marveling at the fact that this child was not expected but I could not imagine him not being here.

So I am going to leave it at that for today, as Ryan is working late and all 3 children are quick to demand my attention at any second (and as I’m typing this child #2 is having a meltdown because in her words “she is hungry and bored”).

Noah announcement20150330_121744