In addition to home, work, Bible studies, and the rest of life, I have recently launched a new home-based business, Kate & Meg Jewellery Co. (named after my daughters, Kaitlyn and Meagan). It is truly a family collaboration, with my sister, Rebecca, helping me with the naming of the company, my husband, Ryan, contributing to design ideas and some photos (in addition to trips to craft stores when I need supplies in a hurry), and another sister, Andrea, who designed my fabulous logo which I am in love with:


I have always wanted one of those necklaces with my kids’ names stamped on them, so I started looking into how to make one. I picked up an inexpensive letter set and the supplies I needed, and started practicing. Before I knew it, people were making inquiries on how they could get a piece, and my Facebook page was launched:

mom necklace discsbirth mom necklace

I have to say, our family has truly been blessed with sales to date, which have covered my initial set-up expenses and paid for our Christmas shopping this year. I don’t overextend myself and will be honest if a design idea is beyond my expertise, and will give realistic turn-around times for orders, balancing time with my family and my full-time job. I absolutely love that I can now make meaningful, heartfelt, handmade gifts as well.

A gift for Meagan’s preschool teacher:

teacher keychain


And a gift for Ryan:

sinner dog tags

For an idea of what I do, I invite you to check out my Facebook page and website: