OK – I’ll finally come clean (to more than our immediate family). Meagan has been addicted to her soother since birth. It was easy. She would cry, we would put a plug in her. I always said, as soon as she could name it, she was too old for it. But addictions are hard to break, especially with a strong-willed child.

We weaned her off her daytime soother about a year ago, but at bedtime (and sometimes during the day if she was ill), she would still get her soother. Bedtime was EASY! Give her her soother, say her prayers, walk away, and she was asleep within minutes and would almost always sleep through the night.

I knew she was past the age for “needing” a soother for a while and we had tried various tactics. Bribery, threatening, making it seem like it was her idea – all failed.

Until about a month ago. She was on her last known soother in the house and she had bitten it a few times where it actually appeared unsafe to me. We took advantage of this and told her it was broken. She still took it to bed the first few nights but every morning, I would cut a little more off the end until there was barely anything left. And then she rejected it, saying it was broken.

Hurray! Success! Right?

We are currently suffering from severe lack of sleep. Meagan now wakes up more often than a newborn, usually anywhere from 6-12 times per night. She lacks the skill of “self-soothing”. She has always relied on her soother to do it for her. It was easy for us, it was easy for her.

So now what? Like I said, it’s been a good month and it doesn’t get better night to night. I feel like caving and giving her a brand new, pretty soother. But then what? We have a 3.5 year old in her second year of preschool with a soother. Yuck. The sentence makes me cringe.

I guess we tough it up, and pray it gets better. Please tell me it gets better.