Things that made me LOL today (and no Dad, LOL does not mean Lots of Love):

Kaitlyn and Meagan playing house where Kaitlyn was the baby, and Meagan kept saying “You tired? Bedtime!” and that’s all she did. Kept trying to put Kaitlyn to bed, including putting soother in her mouth, loading her with blankets and giving her a “gagy (aka baby) cup”.

The girls eating dinner. Meagan at first was not cooperating so I said “Kaitlyn’s eating her supper.” To which Kaitlyn perked up at her name and said “No, I was just too distracted.”

Kaitlyn watching some TV on her “downtime”: “Grover looks cute.”

That’s about it for today. I wanted to add a photo so I looked at the camera to see what Meagan and Ryan have been up to this week and found this pic on the memory card. Love her expression πŸ™‚