Ever since our old computer crashed, we’ve been trying to survive with our old hand-me-down laptop. It’s great in some ways, but didn’t work well with my old blogger site. I’ve been told by a few (especially my Mother) that they miss my blog posts (especially the photos for out of town relatives), so welcome to my new blog.  Enjoy!

We’re in the process of training Meagan in her toddler bed. She spends about 50% of the nights in there so far, so we’re making progress!


Kaitlyn at the Abbotsford Fair. We’ve tried to do lots of day trip things with the girls this year to make up for the fact we didn’t take a vacation. They’ve had a great summer! Kaitlyn is also sporting a new hairstyle 🙂


That’s it for now! Hopefully I get back into the blogging soon!